Wedding photography done differently



Traditional wedding photography was in my eyes a series of formal portraits; group shots of family and friends, and then the traditional couple’s shots outside somewhere. This could take hours, lining everyone up and getting that perfect posed shot for all the different combinations of family, friends, bride and groom etc. I've personally been to weddings where I felt it was a photo shoot, where a couple happened to get married!

My background in photography is very much from a photo journalistic style; at music concerts or festivals capturing the feel and mood, so if I was asked to photograph a wedding I would always politely say no and make the excuse that it was a different skill set and they would be better with a “proper wedding photographer”.

Then one day, a couple of years ago, I came across a photographer called Joe Buissink on YouTube and my interest in wedding photography was sparked. Joe is a wedding photographer based in Los Angeles and has many very high profile clients on his CV. Joe is very much a candid wedding photographer; capturing the moment and the emotion of the day. He prefers not to take formal pictures because in his eyes it’s stopping him from capturing the real moments. Joe charges $1000s for his services so he is able to employ other photographers to take his formal pictures.

This style of wedding photography is where my heart is; I love the fun and laughter, and the tears and tender moments too. I like to tell the story of the day through my photography, so in thirty years you can look through your images and be taken back to the emotion and feel of the day. I've also found a way of getting the formal shots that I think works; I like to run through them quickly and also have some fun so hopefully nobody gets bored.

Some couples are naturally photogenic, confident and love being in front of the camera, and some, like me, can feel awkward, self-conscious and don't know how to stand once the camera is pointed at them. When it comes to couples’ pictures I also like to do things a little differently, maybe go for a walk and get some natural images along the way. It’s also a great opportunity for you to spend some alone time together without the hustle and bustle of family and friends, to take it all in as a newly married couple. I like to give a little space at this point and stand back, but maybe pinch the odd tender moment with a long lens (I am a photographer after all!)

Wedding Photography Pricing


Special (2 Hours Mon-Thurs) £395

1/2 Day (5 Hours) £795

Full Day (up to 9pm) £995

Later Finish (up to 11pm) £1195


Optional  Items

Pre Wedding Engagement Shoot inc Guest Signing Book (Mon to Thurs)  £395


All packages include final images to be supplied via digital download.

Prices for Weddings within 120 miles of  Birmingham UK