About Me

I'm a freelance photographer based in Northwest England. I've been covering live shows and festivals for editorial and promotional work for the last four years. I've worked with many artists signed to major labels including, Decca, Sony, Warner Music, etc. My work has expanded to include single/album covers and regular promotional shoots for signed artists. This last year my photography has expanded to include Fashion and much more Wedding Photography.


My love for photography started with buying a “proper” camera for a Motorcycle trip around Europe. I've always enjoyed landscape pictures and wanted to use the opportunity to get some great shots on my travels. After that, I got the bug and as they say, the rest is history.

My first music photography job was for a friend who is a music promoter; knowing about my photography hobby he asked me to cover a festival he was running. I was excited by the challenge of capturing the mood and getting the best out of the available light. From that moment I was hooked; two of my hobbies had blended into one and it had started a plan for the future.

Last year a couple of friends asked me to photograph their weddings, not wanting to be caught out by rookie mistakes I decided to shadow a couple of very experienced and established Wedding Photographers, both with very different styles and approaches. My time with them was a great experience and showed how much I like the people aspect of weddings and the more candid style of photography. I've always loved to capture the moment with my images, but weddings also give me the opportunity to tell a story about the whole day.